Any way to find out where the rule is being used?

Is there any way to find whether a rule (activity or flow or ...) is being used at all somewhere (i.e. called or refered in some other rule) and which rule uses? Please let me know if there are any... Thanks, Sivaprakash Selvaraj

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June 9, 2008 - 3:32am

Hi, I guess there is no such way which will give you ALL references. However, we use the following best practices:

- first, there is this button (7th from the left) which looks like a square with three little ones attached. The results are not too good - don't know why - maybe someone at pega can explain this. It seems to me that it only finds referencing rules created by us and not the core PRPC ones.

- second, use the search in the upper right corner - switch from the blue clock to the green book icon. This searches within rule content. You can also use the advanced search. It does not search within instances -> thus there might be configured references which are not found (for instance a file listener is an instance which references activities). But this seems to be the best approach!

- third, if everything fails, you might want to export your rules, unzip the files and directly search through the resulting XML.

But there is still the chance that there are "hidden" references whre for example a java step builds the name of a rule by concatenating two strings. Those references can't be found in any system (even in other languages) and hence shouldn#t be used at all.

June 10, 2008 - 4:58pm


Most of the rule instances have a button called "Referencing Rules" located mostly in history tab. This button when clicked generate list of rules that refer this rule. You can even open such referencing rules from that report by clicking on the pencil icon besides the referencing rule.

June 16, 2008 - 2:16pm

Using Find Rules option under "Tools".Once you click the Find Rules Option,click the second button(Advanced) starting from right side of the screen.

Once you clicked it,it will open up Rule Content Search screen with more options.

Please note: You need to build PegaRules Index via Monitor Servlet before you find the list of all rules referenced by single rule which you are going to search for :)