Why Max Length for Attachment file names?

The Max Length for the Attach File drag and drop selector was defaulted to 59. We have some user files that can have very long file names. So, we blanked out the Max Length, and are able to attach files with long file names. Is there any particular reason that Pega defaulted this to 59? Like for Security reasons or something else?

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May 15, 2019 - 7:45pm

Which Pega platform version your application is on?

There are couple Hfixes for this issue. 

Hfix-51313 is for Pega 7.4; HFix-44690 is for Pega 7.2.1. 

Root cause:

1. Truncation of file name is initially happening in pyUploadFile activity in Data-WorkAttach-File.

2. AttachFile (Final activity) a when condition was having hardcoded check of length.