which version of Pega Robotics Studio will provide solution that can run in Pega robotic Runtime 8.0.1012.0

My office collegues all are having 64 bit system and they have installed Pega robotic Runtime 8.0.1012.0. Now which version of Pega Robotics Studio should I install in my system so that I can provide solution to them and the solution should run peacefully in my collegues system.

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July 27, 2018 - 9:51am


This version which you are using with colleagues is unstable and it is not recommend it to use it. You and your friends should upgrade it to at least 8.0.1018. As for the question its best to always use same version of Pega Robotics as your colleagues. So if they are using 8.0.1018 you should also use 8.0.1018.

Hopes this answer your question.