What's the difference between "Application Packaging Wizard" and "Export Wizard"? When to use "Application Packaging wizard" and when to use "Package Work Wizard"?

Since the "Export Wizard" contains the export mode - by Application​, what's the difference between Application Packaging Wizard and Export Wizard?
And also when to use Application Packaging wizard and Package Work Wizard? I have gone through help for both. Please explain me the usage of them.


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January 3, 2018 - 4:39am

Hi Bheemeswar,

Use the Application Packaging wizard to package an application in a product rule for export to a .zip file or migration to another server.

The product rule includes the following items:

  • Application classes
  • Rules
  • Data
  • Ruleset history
  • Data table content

Use the Export tab to export rules from a Pega 7 Platform system into an archive file. You can copy all rules in a specific ruleset and version, all rules in a full ruleset, and all rules and data instances defined in a product rule or patch rule.

Note: This is what the PDN documentation has been provided for the above two wizards. Along with these the Package wizard will have more granular menu navigation(like Application stack, dependencies, organizational elements, etc) to choose the rules in your application to include which is not available in Export wizard.

Hope this helps you.



December 17, 2018 - 3:29am

The main difference between "Application Packaging Wizard" and "Export" in the "by Application" mode is that the packaging wizard allows you to choose what you want to include in the exported package.  Export by Application on the other hand just creates the zip file with no questions asked.

So in other words, the packaging wizard is more versatile.