What is the Syntax for Logger name

How to add logger for an activity?

In help of logger level setting it is mentioned as below

"Logger Name - Identify a Java class or other logger category to be logged. Use SmartPrompt to list all Java classes in com.pega.pegarules, or enter a category. Examples:

  • Rule-Obj-Activity to review or update the logging level for all activity executions
  • Rule-Obj-Activity.<activity name> to update the logging level for all activities with a given name in any Applies To class.
  • com.pega.pegarules.engine.context.Agent to update the level for all agent"

Where as the actual loggers are formed as "Rule_Obj_Activity.SendDeadlineMails.JLL_FW_SCFW_Work.Action"

The above one works for me.

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But if i add a logger name as mentioned in help.(Rule-Obj-Activity.<activity name> ). Logging is not happening.


Which one is correct? Kindly share your thoughts.


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May 10, 2019 - 6:14am


Towards the top of the Java code will be an entry for LogHelperoLog. The logger name will be the string in quotes.
Here is an example:

private static final LogHelperoLog = new LogHelper("Rule_Obj_Activity.ShowNewFlowHtml.Work_.Action");

This string value (without the quotes) can be entered into the Logger Name field and the debug level can then be set.

you can try with above steps.


May 12, 2019 - 2:49am


To get logger for any activity please perform below steps

1.Open any activity

2.Click Actions--->View Java

3.In java code ,search for will find below code snippet.

Highlighted part is the logger that needs to be added in log level setting,select debug as level.