What is the recommended way to setup the nodes in Pega 8.2.x platform

Hi All,

We have Pega 8.2.X platform setting up both in Cloud and On-Premise infrastructure and ran into few issues wit environments going down abruptly so wanted to verify what is the best way to setup the nodes in 8.2.x platform as i coudln't find more information about it in Pega community or installation guide as well.

As i understand Pega differentiated 4 types of services,

Web User

Stream Service



Is it okay to configure a node for Web user for user logging and do the development and another node dedicated for background, stream & Search services. or is it needed to have seperate nodes needed for each service for Dev environment purpose as well? Again Cloud VS On-premise any impact with node setting up?

Is it needed to to create seperate node fr each different service for Production environment or two node approach okay for production as well (considering dedicated more nodes for user traffic or background operations based on the need)


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November 16, 2019 - 7:03am

At high level, I can say the number of nodes should be based on the services/functionalities being used in pega.

For example, if you have large end user base, you need to have more WebUser nodes for optimal performance.

If your application is having more background tasks like agents or queue processors, you need to have more util nodes according to the back ground operations for better performance.

You mentioned that your environment is running to some issues and going down.

Do the root cause analysis for those and examine what exactly causing the node to go down. Increase the number of nodes if necessary as per the RCA. Some times, tweaking the environment level settings ( like storage, JVM options etc) might solve your issues without the need of increasing the number of nodes.

November 17, 2019 - 12:29am


It is not necessary to create different nodes for all these services.In fact you can define a single node as all by setting below jvm argument.


Please let me know how many nodes do you want to have in your system.If it more than one then create one node as Background and start it first. It is recommended to start the background node first because all the required background services will star first.

Always do a node by node restart.

I will support Gireesh's comment that root cause of node failure will be different. Please check pegarules & server logs. There will be an error stating the reason behind failure.