Volume Constraint Restricting to 1 offer for a Customer

Detailed Description

Consider if Customer is eligible for 3 offers (ie Offer 1, Offer 2, Offer 3) in single campaign run. Out of 3 offers, 2 of them are legal mandate (Offer 1 and Offer 2) and must be sent to the customer. But one offer (Offer 3) need to be sent based on Volume Constraint check.

If Volume constraint is configured in a campaign its restricting to 1 offer/customer post-campaign execution.Please note the 2 legal mandate offer is not part of Volume constraint but still only one offer is sent.

As per Marketing User Guide 7.31 (Page 159)

"When using Volume Constraints, in most cases, each customer will receive a maximum of one offer."

Because of this restriction, the business requirement is getting impacting.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Create 3 Proposition any Issue_Group:

  • Offer 1
  • Offer 2
  • Offer 3

and the respective simple offer flow with Email / SMS shape.

2) Create a strategy importing by the newly created 3 Proposition

3) Create a volume constraint by giving only 1 offer (Offer 3) in the restriction

4) Configure campaign with the strategy and volume constraints created in step 2 and 3.

5) Run the campaign with a customer who is eligible for all the 3 offers.

6) After campaign completion, only one offer will be sent.

Expectation: More than one offer should be sent with a single Campaign to a single customer along with Volume Constraint configuration.

If anyone has any suggestion, it will be much helpful.

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Just I did a follow up with FDBK-62123, Will keep you posted an update as soon as we receive from the product management.

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The next action would be to refer this feedback number to your Account Executive for further steps and action.