Upgrade from Pega 6/CPM 6 to Pega 8/CPM8

We are planning to upgrade from Pega platform.

we are currently now in Pega version 6 and using CPM version 6

We are targeting for Pega version 8 and Customer service 8.

Question is, whether is it possible to jump/upgrade in one step directly from 6 to 8. or there is any intermediary step that we have to first upgrade to version 7.x and then to pega/CS version 8?

The upgrade guide document does not have any clear indication. any suggestion from practical experience will be beneficial.



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September 10, 2019 - 12:47am


Please refer to the following article it might help you:

September 10, 2019 - 6:43pm

To do upgrade on CPM 6 -> CS 8, you need to follow below latest upgrade guide:

Please check the section of "Completing the prerequisite tasks". It mentions that the legacy portals do not work in version 7.21 and later.  If upgrading from version 7.1.4 or earlier of Pega Customer Service, you must update your access groups to use supported portals as part of the upgrade.

Please read CS 8.3 upgrade guide in details.