Unexpected behaviour of pxAdjustSLA.

We are using "pxAdjustSLA" activity to reset the SLA details ,but pxFlow page is not getting updated with latest SLA details, we see at step#11 ,The reference work page gets changed to slaWorkPage and it's not sync up with pyworkpage. Is it expected behaviour ?.

Usecase : System creates two parallel assignments ,Based on certain action on one assignment then we need to reset SLA of other assignment , To achieve this, Finding the .pxAssignSvcLevel & .pxAssignmentKey of the desired assignment from pxFlow page and passing them to pxAdjustSLA activity to reset the SLA.

Pega 7.3.1


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October 10, 2019 - 10:14am

As observed , if trying  to change the SLA  of an assignment(assign_1) from a local action of different assignment (assign_2) then pxAdjustSLA  is not restarting the SLA of assign_1.