Understanding of pages on clipboard

I have a doubt regarding an Activity. For example, there is an Activity B referenced in a flow F (create work object option is selected). Both activity B and flow F are in some work class, lets say Class TGB-HRApps-Work-S and this activity B is calling another activity A present in class TGB-HRApps-Data-C. And lets say there are few properties (Account, ID, Name) defined in the same class C. Now I am setting values for these properties in one of the step of acitvity A as .Name=Saad, .Account= Savings and .ID-100. And in pages and classes tab, i defined a page "CPage" pointing to the same class C. Now, in some other step of the same activity A, i am again setting the values for the same properties as CPage.Name=Kavitha, CPage.Account=Current and CPage.Id=101.
So, Will there be two different values stored in the clipboard for these properties? or the first value set will be overridden with the second value set? And where exactly can i find these property values on clipboard.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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December 3, 2019 - 1:45am


Can you clarify one more thing first, how are you calling the Activity A from Activity B? What is the context(Step Page)given in Activity B?

Ideally since you Activity A is from Data class your step page should be of that page right.