Unable to move to next assignment

I have a scenario where when a case is created it is in a WB and will remain there. A agent will pick up the case will have to move it to a different assignment and route it to a WL. I'm trying to do Resume-Flow with the new flowaction name and a custom router activity. This process is not working. If I in the Agent activity to a transferassignment or a reassign, and then a resume flow...the case is reassignning to a WL but not moving to the desired assignment.

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July 20, 2019 - 2:15am

Hi Gargi,

Refer to GetMostUrgentWork Functionality. This internally retrieves the assignments from work baskets and transfer it to the corresponding user work list.

If you want to execute the above functionality automatically when a specific work basket assignment created, create a trigger for Data-Admin-WorkBasket class , and a trigger activity which checks the work basket name, if the work basket name matches to the one which you are checking execute the functionality you plugged out from GMU.