Trouble with the Summary Report

I'm having a problem with the reporting feature in the application. I want to edit a summary report form averaging up all the averages. we have the report grouped by the licenses type and what it is doing is with the grouped result what it does is average those averages instead of just averaging the to input values on the same row as it. For example there is a report that is grouped by sports team so you may have something like this:

number of players to try out number of players to make the team Conversion Rate

Patriots 30 15 26%

Ages 20-26 15 8 53%

Ages 26-30 15 7 46%

The calculation that is grouped by which is underlined does not average the 15/30 instead it averages up the averages that under the drop down. How do i change this so it averages the 15/30.

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September 20, 2019 - 12:33pm

Can you attach a screen shot of the Query tab from your report definition and also one of the resulting report?