Triggering a second flow while one is already running

I have a use case for a customer that wants to be able to pause the robot so that the user can take control over the app the robot is working on and eventually be able to ask the robot to continue at some point later. In order to pause the bot I have added a button for the user which when clicked triggers a new flow in the automation which updates a global variable that the robot would use during the main flow to verify whether to pause or not. The problem is that it looks like the second flow is only triggered after clicking the button a couple of times. It never works on one click only. I assume it is a flow priority issue. Any suggestions on how to fix this or what other alternatives there could be to pause the bot? Thank you!


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October 14, 2019 - 12:13am

Create a windows form with 2 buttons. In first button click, build the flow till user intervention.

Once user perform manual steps then ask user to click on 2nd button, in this event design the rest of the flow.

October 16, 2019 - 4:32am
Response to Jayachandra Reddy K

Hi Jayacgandra,

I see your point but the problem is I cannot split the bot in 2. The user intervention could come at any time during bot execution or it might be that the user won't even want to interrupt the bot(most of the cases). For that reason I have added the global variable check after every important step so that it would interrupt the bot after any important step if the variable changes to True

Thank you!