Is there a way to Load balance Queue traffic for Agents(running in a cluster) versions prior to 7.3 ?


The final set of servers is classified as RunOnAllNodes, which informs Pega 7.3 to run the agent on all nodes (either simultaneously or on one node only at a time) to properly handle the volume of requests. For example, in a high transactional environment where thousands of transactions take place every hour or even every minute, you may require additional processing steps to complete the transaction and also to keep up with the volume. Load balancing this process across many nodes ensures that each transaction completes on time. Splitting the workload across many nodes may often be needed; the use of RunOnAllNodes is specifically for this purpose.

Is it possible to achieve this load balancing/ some other load balancing on Agent which runs in a cluster for versions prior to 7.3 ?

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May 28, 2019 - 2:24am


I hope you can do the same in Pega prior to 7,3 version also. You can enable the same agent in multiple nodes provided nodes are capable enough to hold the capacity of Web traffic and agents. Or you can deploy multiple util node to achieve your goal. 

Thank you