Table does not exist in database

Hi Team,

When I tried to add a new casetype, I got the attached pop up which says 'Table does not exist in database'.
I believe I didn't get any error while installation.

Does anyone know the resolution or the way to find why it occurs?
Please let me know asap!!!

*** System Information *****************************
Application Server OS: Windows Server 2016
PRPC: Pega Platform 8.3
DB Server: Postgre SQL 11.5
jdbc driver: 4.2

***Edited by Moderator Marissa to update platform capability tags****


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October 8, 2019 - 8:41pm

Hi @MasakiI0,

Hope the below local change will resolve your issue. 

Set DSS - AutoDBSchemaChanges to False and map Class org_name-App_name-Work to pr_other table in Class mapping.

Refer details from the below PDN article.