System should be able to do Obj-Open (By handle) not the user

Hello Community,

I am hoping I can get an answer too my use case here.

Use case: User clicks a button - a pop up appears - user enters some 10 fields - user clicks submit. Post Processing activity updates values on parent case by doing obj-open-by-handle.

Requirement: The parent case and child case both are system generated. User should be able to only access child case but not parent case.

To achieve this, I have updated access role for parent to '0' so that user will not be able to access parent case from perform mode. However, the user is not able to do Obj-Open-By-Handle on parent after the ARO change. Any way we can achieve this (other than removing all the parent case references from the UI)


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July 26, 2019 - 6:55pm

Since your Post Processing activity updates values on parent case by doing obj-open-by-handle, so parent case will be updated. 

Can you invoke post processing activity on the child case only?

Calling obj-open-by-handle to pass pzInskey of the child case. 



July 26, 2019 - 7:08pm
Response to SusanLiu

Hello thanks for reply,

So, the user needs to update values on parent case while he is on child case (Obj-Open-By-Handle; Param: .pxCoverInsKey). If the user himself opens the parent case by clicking the parent case key (from top left), system should not let him. If I try to achieve this using ARO, Obj-Open-By-Handle also failing. 

Since the user is already on the child case, he would not need to obj-open-by-handle the same case.

So is there any way i can achieve this. Pega methods should have access to parent case but not when user tries to click the parent case link (top left in perform)



July 26, 2019 - 7:35pm

What about using a privilege that applies only to this process?