Switching Application Server from Web Logic to Tomcat - Need Suggestions/Precautions

Hello All,

Need your suggestions/precautions here :)

We have a plan to switch the only Application Server from Web Logic to Tomcat for our current Pega version 6.3 SP1, and DB is Oracle.

So here, did someone see any issues earlier part of the conversion and do we see any performance gaps when comparing to Web Logic AS.

Please provide your thoughts on this.

Thank you!



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October 5, 2018 - 5:47am

Tomcat is used by Pega cloud so you are unlikely to have a bad surprise.

Tomcat is also the first application server used by Pega support consultant.

Maybe you need to pay attention to JDBC setting (also any timeout settings) but overall you should be fine.

You can also run Weblogic and Tomcat side by side connecting to the same database. So you can compare performance live for the same request on both application server.

Of course the main difference between Tomcat and Weblogic is that tomcat is a only a Web container so you can't deploy your custom EJB in tomcat. But I don't see many people using EJB anymore.

Pay attention if you use "JMS MDB" listener. I think you will have to swith to "JMS" listener instead.

If you don't use J2EE feature such EJB, message driven bean etc then the conversion should be really easy.

October 5, 2018 - 1:10pm
Response to MERLX

Got you, thank you Merlin.