The stage Name used inside a correspondence is not getting translated

Issue: The stage Name used inside a correspondence to send mails to users is not getting translated to locale language.


In Rich Text Editor of the correspondence change Edit Mode to source tab and copy paste this code in it:

<% String stageName=tools.getStepPage().getString("pxCurrentStageLabel");%>test test&nbsp;<pega:reference name=".pxCurrentStageLabel"></pega:reference> <%=tools.getLocalizedTextForString("pyButtonLabel",stageName)%>

1.<% String stageName=tools.getStepPage().getString("pxCurrentStageLabel");%>// Store Stage Name

2.test test&nbsp;<pega:reference name=".pxCurrentStageLabel"></pega:reference>// append your text

3.<%=tools.getLocalizedTextForString("pyButtonLabel",stageName)%>// get the localized Value, Since StageName is a Link type of a control, pyButtonLabel is the fieldName to be used .

Refer attachment for screen shot

***Edited by Moderator Marissa to update SR Details***


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