Selected checkbox need to be displayed at top with the option to delete individual button or clear all

Hi All,

I am new Pega and have a requirement to display the selected checkbox at the top as shown in attachment. I should be able to delete those buttons individually and also be able to clear the filters at once. According to selected checkbox the related/corresponding cases needs to be displayed in UI. Kindly me provide me with solution with steps to follow.



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November 8, 2019 - 2:12am

1. Create a data page (D_Checkboxes) which will hold an information about chosen checkboxes

2. On checkboxes' click event add a datatransform as an action where you'll add new page to D_Checkboxes. Say, 

D_Checkboxes.pxResults(1).CheckboxName = .Name

D_Checkboxes.pxResults(1).IsCheckboxSelected = true

3. After triggering the datatransform, refresh the section (see below)

4. Create a dynamic repeating layout, sourced by D_Checkboxes. Include an inner section where you show the (x) button to delete element and CheckboxName as a name