ScreenPop in crome (non IE browser)


We are in CS v7.1.4, for our screen pop module, we still using custom built module which uses ScreenPop activex (.dll files) features to push pop to CSP's portal leveraging CPM frame works pegaapp_screenpop.PopURL (Workstation, port, PopString, WindowFeatures) function. Since Activex can only work in IE... to make pop work in chrome similar to demoScreenPop in v7, what is the approach please?

Basically i have http service, part of this service request, i receive CSP UserID, CSP System name, system IP and customer info, using this data, i need to send pop to specific CSP (similar to v7 and it should work in IE as well crome and yes we dont have CTICall licence to leverage.

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December 20, 2018 - 11:03am

The recent versions of Customer Service are cross browser much like the base Pega platform. Can you update/upgrade your application and model it after what you see with the OOTB examples?

October 11, 2019 - 1:25pm

Our client dont want to use PegaCall end-to-end which needs connection to Avaya CTI AES server. Part of HTTP service call from Avaya,  i have all information about Call, LogInUserID,  User system IP and others, i just want to send pop to user from this service activity leveraging  just client side PegaCall component. without utilizing the provided server side components of PegaCAll.

We are seeking guidance on how to plugin the client side functionality from PegaCall .