Scenario testing using a build on Test Application

According to the DevOps best practices ( Its recommended to create a Test Application on top of the target application for creating and store test cases.

Using this approach, i have created the test application. This approach works for all the rules for creating the test cases.

When it comes to scenario testing, my case type is in target application. How can i record a test case for the case type that is in target application.

  • Expense_Dev (This is team/development application, using branch for developing the latest changes)
  • Expense_Test (Its build on Expense App and it store all the test cases)
  • Expense (Target /Base Application) - DevOps Pipeline define for this application


What is the best approach to capture Scenario test case ?


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October 14, 2019 - 5:48am


Currently, we don't have the support to record test cases on case types from built on applications. You can add a test case ruleset for scenario tests in your expense application and record the test çases in that ruleset.