Scenario Testing - Menu Hover Over not tracked in the scenario test case


We are trying to use Scenario testing for our application. We have below steps

1. Click on a Menu Item -> it loads a grid

2. Click on 1 link on a row of the grid -> it opens details page

3. Again hover over the same Menu (as step-1) -> drop down appears -> Choose any option from that drop down -> a new Grid page loads

All these steps are captured on the scenario test case but when we run the test -> it fails at 3rd step i.e. Hover Over Menu Item. We can see the error message as "Not Found".

When i check the clipboard page TestCaseResultPage.pyTestCaseSteps i can see a basic difference i.e for 1st click (step-1), we have pyAttributes PL with 3 records and pyTestAssertions PL with 1 record, But for the step-3 case, pyAttributes PL with 2 records and pyTestAssertions PL as blank.

We are not sure where and how these test steps are prepared and what changes do we need to do at Menu Navigation Rule. Any pointers would be helpful.

Attached document with basic clipboard structure.


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September 12, 2019 - 6:53am

Hi Piyush

I tried to replicate the scenario that you have mentioned. There's no support for hover action unless its a Menu. If it is a button or link on hover of which you are launching a menu and clicking an item in the menu, only the click on that element will get recorded and not the hover action because of which you might be facing this issue.