"Save original Email (in EML format)" of the listener , not saving the email as work case attachment

We have a requirement where we need to save the "reply email" itself as work case attachment. In the Listener properties we have a configuration on Process tab which says , "Save original Email" which should save the complete email as an attachment. However, this feature is not working , and the emails are not getting linked to the work object as well. We are using PRPC version 7.3. Is this a bug ? has anyone come across similar scenario? Please suggest.

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March 18, 2019 - 7:37am


This should work properly. Not sure whether it is a bug or config issue.

I would suggest you to raise SR and get it reviewed by GCS.

Make sure to set debug level logger for the following$MessageInfo

collect the logs and share with GCS.

Also, try tracing the email listener when it processes any incoming email and share the tracer dump as well with the GCS team.