Save a form with file attaced in BD

Hello everybody,
I'm new in the world of PEGA.

I need save the information of my form in a BD.

I have already searched courses at pega academy,
but i don´t found information like i can do it.
I work with pega like SAAS, so i need create do a connection with my SAAS and my personal equiqment for do test.

The exercise in summary is:
Create a form, fill in the required fields, attach the corresponding files and be able to save the information on this form for later reference.

I need to be able to record all the records that will be created later.

Can you support me please?
Or likewise mention to me which course I can study in order to do what I require

Greetings to all.
Thank you.


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October 22, 2019 - 11:51am


Seeing your description of the problem, I'd suggest you to firstly look into CSA course.

what is BD, btw?