Running Report Definition using Elastic Search Report nested property problem


After the upgrade to 8.2 we noticed that we can run the Report Definition using the Elastic Search instead of SQL query to the DB. But when adding a property (.SinglePageProperty.Property) from a property that is defined as a single page(.SinglePageProperty) and reading from another class and after we add it to the Custom Search Properties. the report stops reading from the elastic search and revert to the normal DB query throwing a Performance guardrail:

Report nested property '.SinglePageProperty.Property' is missing. Report will not be executed on Elasticsearch.

.SinglePageProperty.Property that is on another data class and exposed in the main work class

.SinglePageProperty saved on the same class as the one that is defined on the Custom Search Property

Can you please advise on how to include the the properties of the single page list inside a report that runs on Elastic Search.




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September 14, 2019 - 8:48am

September 14, 2019 - 8:50am

Also, in order to improve report generation performance, you can now run report definitions against Elasticsearch indexes instead of using SQL queries directly against the database. This feature is disabled by default and does not apply to reports that have features that are not supported by Elasticsearch. If a report query cannot be run against Elasticsearch indexes, Pega® Platform automatically uses an SQL query.


Check below :