RPA not sending back the Robot Activity CompletionStatus

We have 6 bots which fetches data from different sources for one case and these bots work sequentially. So if one the bot runs into an exception, sometimes the status is not getting updated at the PRPC end and the case will still be in the Robot Queue. PFB the error we found in the runtime log.

RPA - Sending case result. WorkItem.Name: 'ICMAFetch'
Error | 09:43:44.174 AM | 37 | MTA | Robotics | | |
RoboticsApiHelper.SendCaseResult - Send case result failed. Case completion status: 'Completed with errors'.
Error | 09:43:44.174 AM | 37 | MTA | Robotics | | |
Error requesting data from Pega.!
Error | 09:43:44.174 AM | 37 | MTA | Robotics | | |
Code: BadRequest(400), Content: {
,"message":"Validation messages found."
,"ValidationMessage":"Unable to unlock the cover"

It says a Pega API Error so what we need to do to release from the bot queue and how we can avoid it from RPA side? Please reply back as we are in UAT phase and will be releasing to Prod by next week.

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November 4, 2019 - 11:29am

Hi Soumitra, with your automations, are you utilizing Exit nodes? This may be helpful for the bot to recognize when an error occurs. Sometimes, the status change is not recognized in the inner automation, if you have an outer shell automation, I would try calling the status update there. The exit point will update the outer automation execution node that calls the inner automation, you can set the status using that new Exit node that will appear on the main automation execution node in your outer automation

November 14, 2019 - 4:55am

Does any sloution found..This is issue in automation or is this issue from pega console side?