Robotics Connect with database


How can i connect with databse / mysql from pega robotics studio.

I was looking sqlquery , and put the server name of database in the property, but its giving me a error.

I need to connect with data ( not local , its from appian )

What i need to do , all info in forum here and internet didnt help me.

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November 21, 2019 - 4:05pm

The various query components on the Data tab in the Toolbox are where you'd start. Depending on the type of database you are connecting to (in this case MySQL, you'd use the ODBCQuery) will dictate which one you choose. You simply define the connection string as you would in setting up an ODBC connection on your computer and then define the various other properties of the component. Once you have the properties filled out, you can click "Test Query" to validate that you have everything correct. In your automation, you can then call the Execute method to trigger the query. If it returns a DataTable, you can use GetTable to gain access to it. I hope this helps. You will need some programming knowledge to handle the DataTable as you'll need to at least understand that structure, but you would likely need someone with access to your table to help with specifics there.