Reusable Division layer

When do we create a reusable division layer and what's the impact if we skip it? What are the questions we need to ask before we make this choice?

But what if the application you are building is something that’s meant to really cut across the enterprise? Does it make sense, in that case, to lock down the ECS to a specific Division? Does this impact the reusability of an application? Does this, in the end, make for an overly complex solution?

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November 20, 2019 - 1:22pm

The Division layer contains the assets used on a division-wide basis. Assets in the Division layer may be applicable to a line of business, or for regions, brands, or departments. For example, a line of business wants to reuse a service level rule that defines the expected response time to a customer complaint in all of its applications. Placing the service level rule in the Division layer helps ensure all applications have access to the service level rule without having to create separate copies.

Note: The Division layer is an optional layer. When used, the Division layer is parallel to the Framework layer

Refer the below links for detailed info regarding division layers and ECS,

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