Report requires foreign key pzIndexOwnerKey, how can I expose that?

I want to build report that joins 2 classes (case, field group list property).

When building that I do get error below.

How can I expose pzIndexOwnerKey property for reporting of data from custom table in Pega database?

This record has 2 error(s) in 1 place(s) .

SBA.pzIndexOwnerKey is Unexposed Property
Unexposed properties cannot be selected for classes mapped to external tables

Clipboard shows the correct "foreign key" value of case key in pz.IndexOwnerKey, so condition that relates pzInsKey and pxIndexOwnerKey in class join should work.


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August 18, 2019 - 11:15am

Hi Moram,

I believe the respective table is available in PegaData schema not external.

Please check the table has pxobjclass as an the class and click test connectivity and see whether your mapping is correct