Report on descendant class instances- Performance impacts

On a report definition under Data Access tab, we have "Report on descendant class instances" with option to choose "Include all descendant classes".

When this report definition is run on a class group with multiple work types(sub classes) where all instances reside in the same work table, the query generated by Pega generates a condition in where clause like this:

Where pxObjClass IN ('ABC-WORK','ABC-WORK-A', 'ABC-WORK-B')

However, if the "Report on descendant class instances" is not checked, the where clause has something this along with other conditions added in report def.

Where pxObjClass like 'ABC-WORK%'.

The second option has likelihood of performing a full table scan and so we choose to use Option 1.

Is this the right way of implementing this?

And how are the classes present in 'pxobjclass IN' built by Pega? Is that something for which a different query runs?

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