Report Definition on Pulse comments

I want to prepare a report definition on Pulse comments and its replies. The data should be displayed like this when we run a RD:

Work Object ID Comment Pulse pyIDUser Name
A-1 Comment Posted P-1 U-1
A-1 Reply to Comment Posted P-2 U-2

A-1 is CaseID i.e. WorkObject pyID

P-1 & P-2 pyID of pulse comments.

The first row contains the comment posted by User 1 . And User posted a reply to User 1.

But when I am trying to create a report I am getting data like this from Report Definition:

Work Object ID Comment Pulse pyID Reply
A-1 Comment Posted P-1 Reply to Comment Posted

i.e. only one row for both comment and reply but I want to display two rows as displayed by first table in the post.



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November 19, 2019 - 8:55am

Hi lakhank7

So, it looks like you need all the unique pulse IDs. Why can't you fetch that? What is this column Reply that you have?