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Why is it that when you create a report definition it only allows you to select a public category to place your report def in ? It doesn't give you shared categories to place your report in?

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October 9, 2019 - 1:23am

Hi @TerranceK4053,

Thank you for posting your query here.

If we have not configured any public category, we would not be seeing them while creating reports

When you create a new public category , their availability would be based on the Owner Type and owner you select.

1. When you select standard category, the system enters ALL as the default value. This category would be available for all in Report browser.

2. When you select shared category, you have to enter the access group that can see this category. This category would be available for all user belonging to that access group.

3. When you select personal category, you have enter the operator ID of the user who can see this category.

Kindly refer the below link for more details.

Hope this helps.



October 9, 2019 - 9:07am
Response to Priyabharathi



So since I am using a shared category under the same access group that I am currently using and the category is not visible then this is a bug? See pzReportViewerUserActions.  It only displays public categories, not shared categories





October 11, 2019 - 12:51am

Hi @TerranceK4053,

If you have created shared category for specific access group, the Owner type would be A. If you have created standard category for ALL, the Owner type would be S.

 In Designer studio, while selecting a category to display the report in report browser, pzReportViewerUserActions section displays the categories.

The dropdown is sourced from D_pzCategoriesForOwnerType for which parameter Owner type  is provided with default value of S. This is the reason you are not able to see the shared category in the drop down.

However, for the same access group, instead of designer studio , if you open report browser from case manager portal, you would be seeing the shared category.

Hope this answers why you are not seeing the shared category in designer studio.





October 11, 2019 - 11:29am
Response to Priyabharathi

Exactly.  So I don't understand why Pega has done it this way.  Why are they not allowing me to see shared caregories if I'm using the proper access group when editing a report definition?  This means that I need to temporarily create a public category to edit my report definition and then when I'm done editing the report def remove the temporary public category?