Reg: Admin Studio unable to access

Hello All,

We keep on getting below exception

Caught exception while getting result from future object
java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: MemberCallableTaskOperation failed to complete within 30 SECONDS. Invocation{op=com.hazelcast.executor.impl.operations.MemberCallableTaskOperation{serviceName='hz:impl:executorService', identityHash=1448080738, partitionId=-1, replicaIndex=0, callId=1600359, invocationTime=1572894865124 (<date>), waitTimeout=-1, callTimeout=60000, name=/pega/system/mgmt/exec}, tryCount=250, tryPauseMillis=500, invokeCount=1, callTimeoutMillis=60000, firstInvocationTimeMs=1572894865159, firstInvocationTime='<date>', lastHeartbeatMillis=1572895458517, lastHeartbeatTime='<date>', target=[**.**.**.**]:5001, pendingResponse={VOID}, backupsAcksExpected=0, backupsAcksReceived=0, connection=Connection[id=23, /:38272->/**.**.**.**:5001, endpoint=[**.***.**.*]:5001, alive=true, type=MEMBER]}

I seen article for similar issue... but its for v8.1.3 please let me know will this be applicable for v8.1.1 ( HFix-51612 given in below article)



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November 7, 2019 - 4:41pm

I don't believe there is a hotfix for 8.1.1, the recommended approach would be to upgrade to the latest patch release. For 8.1.x this is resolved starting in 8.1.4 (assuming it's the same issue).

November 13, 2019 - 8:13pm
Response to NickLoving_GCS

Hello Nick,

Thank you... we will go for upgrade, is there a possibility to check which all nodes didn't joined hazelcast cluster.