Refreshing section from declare trigger

My Pega application receives data from another application using Pega API to create the case, and route an assignment to a workbasket. An operator will then process this assignment and see the data received by the application on the screen and fill in some data and take an action to move the case forward.

Now, I have a tricky requirement that is, if there is an update on the other system it updates the pega case using the API. The problem arises when the user has the case open and has data filled in the form. I have created an activity that refreshes the screen without loosing the data in the form. But this needs to be performed using a button. The customer requested that this be implemented without user interaction.

So, how can I use a declare trigger to refresh the section being used by the operator and call my activity, when the case is updated from the API (which uses a different user to update the case)?


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August 16, 2019 - 1:12am

Can you try the below and see if it works?

You can use declare trigger (or declare onchange) and call activity with the step "Call ReloadSection" (with name of section and streamclass).

August 16, 2019 - 3:56pm
Response to SusanLiu

Hi Susan,

I'll try the solution, but how will Pega identify that it needs to run my activity on the operator thread where the screen is open versus the API thread that updated the database ?