Range search using in-build Pega elastic search

Elastic search is powerful and super efficient in searching complex case structures.

Is it possible to perform a range query using Pega in-build elastic search params. For e.g. fetch cases that were created between 1/19/2019 and 6/19/2019.

Our typical usage would be : get cases that are of 1) specific case property (like order# which can be multiple in a case) AND 2) created by specific user AND 3) created between a specific date range

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September 12, 2019 - 4:07pm

In Pega 8, there is an option on the Report Definition - Data Access tab that allows you to design complex report definitions and check the box to have the report be fulfilled by elasticsearch instead of by a database query.  This can allow you to leverage the efficiency that elasticsearch has with regard to searching complex case structures which would not be especially efficient in an SQL query.