R-A-P file extraction is not updated when specified file name is reused


I have identified that R-A-P file extraction is not updated when specified file name is reused. For example, let's say, I have an application called MyApp, and 100 rule / data instances are extracted thru "Create product file" button in product rule. After file is created, let's say, add one more rule (or data) instance in product rule (You can use "individual instances to include"). After addition, if you specify different file name, you will get 101 instances extracted successfully. However if you specify the same file name, you will still get 100 instances which is unexpected behavior to me.

Why does Pega Platform behave like this? Is this supposed to be a product defect or designed as such. It occurs in any version 7x or 8x. Please let me know.


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September 17, 2019 - 5:51am


I'm facing the same issue. Did you get some kind of response on this? If not, did you already open an SR to have it fixed?


September 17, 2019 - 6:28am
Response to Jorre

No, I just told customer to give a different file name every time. Since this is avoidable, and I got no response from anyone I did not create an SR. If you also think this is a product defect, I suggest to create an SR.