Question about uploading multiple attachments to predefined category.


We have multiple attachment categories and in some steps users should only be allowed to upload files for a single category and they should be able to upload multiple files. For example, when creating a case the user / customer should be able to upload any number of files to the ‘Supporting Documents’ attachment category but not to any of the other categories.

Is that something that can be done using OOTB functionality? I’m currently using the Attach Content control in my section but that prompts the user to select what Attachment Category each uploaded file should be assigned to, I need it to automatically assign all files to the ‘Supporting Documents’ category.

I’m using version 8.3 and I’m new to Pega so it’s likely I’ve overlooked something obvious, any advise on how best to handle this type of thing would be greatly appreciated.


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September 20, 2019 - 11:26am

Yes, you can define attachment restrictions based on categories. I would start here and if needed explore the other related articles surrounding this feature/topic.

September 20, 2019 - 1:08pm

Thanks for that, I tried that and when I specify that a user can’t Create an attachment of a given category that category doesn’t show up in the Category Drop Down anymore.  Which is good but the other categories that the user does have access to still show up in the drop down.


I was hoping there was a way to allow the user to upload multiple files to a single category without them having to select the category.  So in my example they would just have a button that says something like “Upload Supporting Documentation” which would work similar to the Attach Content control but automatically assign all files to the supporting documentation category.