Query Timeout - pyDefaultCaseMatch

Unable to find duplicate case because query is timing out even though optimized properties are used in must match and weighted conditions.


SELECT "PC0"."pyID" AS "pyID" , "PC0"."pyStatusWork" AS "pyStatusWork" , "PC0"."pxCreateDateTime" AS "pxCreateDateTime" , PegaDATA.pr_read_decimal_from_stream('.pxMatchScore', "PC0".pzInsKey, "PC0".pzPVStream) AS "pxMatchScore" , "PC0"."XYZ" AS "XYZ" , "PC0"."pzInsKey" AS "pzInsKey" FROM PegaDATA.pc_AS_Work "PC0" WHERE ( "PC0"."pzInsKey" <> ? AND UPPER("PC0"."XYZ") = ? AND UPPER("PC0"."pyStatusWork") <> ? ) AND "PC0"."pxObjClass" = ? ORDER BY 4 ASC

Error: There was a problem getting a list: code: 0 SQLState: HY008 Message: The query has timed out.

Any suggestions?


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July 15, 2019 - 2:57am


Can you run that query using any database tool outside Pega? If this is again timing out I guess you could discuss it with your DBA

July 31, 2019 - 5:17pm

pr_read_decimal_from_stream('.pxMatchScore', "PC0".pzInsKey, "PC0".pzPVStream) AS "pxMatchScore"  - pyMatchScore property doesn't seem to be exposed on your table. Ideally, that would cause PRPC to take more time to get the result on clipbaord, but might not cause the timeout issue. You may exposed that column and see if the issue goes away.