pyStatusWork updated using UpdateStatus activity but all other fields are set to null

Hi guys,

I am looking for a solution to to update pyStatusWork of multiple objects from 'Pending-Running' to 'Pending-Suspend' using UpdateStatus activity, without losing valuable data from other columns.

Understand that by using Obj-Browse and Obj-Open-By-Handle (looped), I am able to access the object. In the next step, I will call the activity Work-.UpdateStatus and set the pyStatusWork to desired value. Then Obj-Save method to save the record.

After running the activity, I am able to see in the Pega Marketing UI that the pyStatusWork have been updated and in the DB table as well.

However, I noticed that other critical data in the table have been set to null. As a result, the campaigns are corrupted and certain functions becomes disabled.

Upon investigating further, there are other activities within the UpdateStatus activity, where there are properties which are mapped to pxRequestor page for example. Since there are no values or page created in pxRequestor, how can I safely update the pyStatusWork without impacting other critical components?

I am currently on Pega Platform v7.30 and Pega Marketing v7.22.

Thanks in advance.


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December 10, 2019 - 9:18pm


Instead of using UpdateStatus activity. You can give a try using pxForceCaseClose utility to update the status and complete the assignment. 

December 17, 2019 - 9:28pm
Response to katad



pxForceCaseClose utility updates the status to Resolved-Completed. However, the requirement is to set the status back to the previous status, eg, Pending-Suspend to Pending-Running vice versa. The case is not created at this point of time, if I am not wrong.