Publishing Branch to repository

Dear All,

I have created sample application AAA in which i have created branches and added few rules.

I have published branches to respository , but when i login to Deployment manager portal i am not able to view branches which i published.

Configruation done.

1. Using Amazon S3 repository as artifact in both pipeline setting and while publishing branch.

2. Sample application AAA is built on PegaDeploymentManager application

3. Added AAA application in pipeline setting.

Please help me on this how to see published branches in Deployment manager.

Thanks in advance.

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July 17, 2019 - 11:37am

I'll answer this question, in general. Hopefully, it will be applicable in your case.

In Deployment Manager, when you start a build it stores your artifacts in a directory specific for that pipeline and environment (Dev/Prod). When you publish from Pega, it stores it in the path described in the Repository rule. I'm assuming that these are two different paths and I would not recommend publishing directly to the path for your pipeline because that will likely just cause confusion.