PSC Top 5 Participants - Q2 2018

Spread the word! The PSC Top Participants list is out!!

The PSC Top 5 Participants program aims to recognize quality participation on our community and is exclusively designed for non-Pega employees!!

Congratulations to Pavani R (@Pavanir6) | Arosha Fernando (@AroshaFernando) | Jayachandra Kundu ( @jayachandrak ) | Raju Botu (@Raju_Botu) | Akshay Sawai (@AKSHAY) !!!

You have made a great impact!

What are you waiting for? Start making your participation count today!

Get noticed for great community practices and get recognized every quarter!

Here’s the previous list of our Top 5 Participants: PSC Top 5 Participants - Q1 2018

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