Problem with connect-http


We are facing 'connection refused' for connect-http interface. PFA, stack trace for error.

Scenario : Pega is connecting external system for sending SMS. Below is the flow

1. Campaign will run populate the records with status 'New'.

2. Parent agent will assign these records to child agents. Now the status is being changed to Pending:Agent1/2

3. Child Agent will connect external system using connect-http method. while connecting, we are observing connection timeoout-intermittenly.

Point to be noted : As we aware SMS are broken into fragments and it will hit external system for each fragments .External system have configured 30 seconds for timeout and they are allowing 10 connections at a time.

We have 5 outbound nodes with 2 agents. System can initiate (2(agent)*5(node)*5(frags-avg) = 50 connections at a time.

But when we tested as standalone(just tested with one test account in prod), its not giving any connection timeout error.

But in real time, when we initiate connection for 2lakh/3lakh sms, we are observing lot of connection timeout error and performance is getting degraded.

Seems network issue . any suugestion would be great help here.

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November 17, 2019 - 12:35am


Are you getting any pega0026 alert in pega alert logs. Please share DB connection pool size.Do you have sufficient connections to handle these many requests.



November 18, 2019 - 5:31am

First of all, why Connect-HTTP? Normally, all of the external services are exposing REST/SOAP endpoints. Please, double check your sms-server.

Second, based on the logs, you're connecting over https protocol. How did you set up your authorization in the connector?