Printing the content from 'Rich Text editor' and then generate pdf with same content and attach to case

We had a 'Rich Text editor' in a section to display the correspondence body. Now got the requirement that on click of a button the data present in 'Rich Text editor' needs to printed as per the print configuration provided in local computer and need to generate a pdf with the data and attach to case.

I got the way for Generating PDF and attaching to case using HTMLToPDF and AttachToWork activities. But can some one help me on configuring Print functionality as defined above and if user prints then only need to generate pdf and attach to case.


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October 14, 2019 - 4:23am

maybe not the best approach, but that's what we have in our company: a printer configured in a way to scan a specific directory in local machine and print out everything what's in it. From Pega you create a file connect rule to save your pdf in the folder.

October 21, 2019 - 9:57am

U can use OOTB "print" action which needs Harness named Printview and in that ,u can add ur section which contains the RTE.