PostgreSQL to Oracle Migration 7.2 v

HI All,

At present desing in our application we are using Jboss as server and PostgreSQL is DB
Now we plan to change the environment setp ,plan to use Weblogic as server and Oracle11g is DB
we are not upgrade pega platform , just we are change the server and DB

The we are pega 7..2
please help on the below questions

1) How to do PostgreSQL to Oracle migration if any pega provided tools avilable or documentation
3)Most Complex Migration Issues while doing PostgreSQL to Oracle or what kind issues may occur Like date foramte,currency symbols, while running scripts

please help me on this


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December 3, 2019 - 1:50am


We don't have any standard document or tool for migration from one DB to another.

Below you can check some details which might be useful