Post Authentication Activity (Authentication Service)

I created a post authentication activity for my SAML authentication service. My service creates operators based on a model operator. IN my post authentication activity I wish to update the operator no matter whether the operator already had existed or the service created a new one. Do I need to open the operator that was just created and update it and save it and commit it? I think I can find out the operator that was created by looking at the SAML attributes on the clipboard or is there an easier way? Perhaps there is a clipboard page? The SSO login will get these changes to the operator that I make in the post authentication activity?

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August 7, 2019 - 3:39am

I recommend using the logic of retrieving the operator details and updating it accordingly,save and commit it. If you go with the other approach to get the credentials on the current clipboard page then you have to write a separate logic for the operators which are not created presently.