Populate pagelist porperty as a excel column header


I have a pagelist in the clipboard and the property in the list are updated dynamically, i have to generate a excel using MSOPGenerateExcel method in activity to list the properties as header in row format

I have attached screenshot for refrence


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September 16, 2019 - 11:50pm


You can use OOTB activity MSOGenerateExcelFile. Call this activity keeping your pagelist (or data page ) as step page. It takes three parameters, 1. FSFileName - Name of the excel created, 2. TemplateRFB - Template name (format : "excel!TemplateName!xlsx") , 3. DownLoadFile - true/false.  Prior to using this activity, create a template excel file and define the column header and property reference for column value. Create a binary file in PRPC and upload this excel. This template excel will have the details of the properties you want to send to the output excel and its name is required for the second parameter.