Pega validation tool - protected ruleset set as invalid rule ?


We are trying to use Pega wizard validation tool in Pega 7.2.2 and our results are being tainted (464 errors out of 465 for example on our main application) because all our ruleset rules are being set as invalid rules with the error "Password for updating Rule-RuleSet-Version forms : Enter password that matches the password defined in the Rule-RuleSet-Name to update a Version".

I found out that, if I remove passwords in the Define password "To Update a RuleSet Version" and "To update this ruleset" of the security tab of my ruleset, the rules are no longer being set as invalid.

That means I guess that the tool is saving te rules to validate them but in the case of the rulesets the password is not provided so it can't validate them and bring them as invalid... So the tool is unusable when you set passwords on your ruleset and ruleset versions ?


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