Pega Upgrade - Move Rules Schema from Lower environment to production

Currently we are Upgrading our Application from Pega 6.1 SP2 to Pega 8.1.4

For Production deployment, we are just thinking if the below strategy works to have minimum down time :

  1. We would like to run migrate script to export the Rule-Class tables from production into a new rules schema in our Pre-Prod environment.

  2. Then run the Rule Schema(Copy of Production rules ) and Data-Schema (from Pre-Prod) Upgrade process in Pre-Prod

  3. Import the SI framework

  4. Import E& I Rule Book

  5. Import BIX

  6. Import Upgrade Application RAP

  7. Bring down production system

  8. Copy the upgraded Rule Schema from Pre-Prod Environment back to Production Rule-Schema and then do the Data only Upgrade in production

    We have doubts if this is going to work with SI Framework in place , are there any specific data instances that are loaded into Data Schema while importing SI and E&I Rule book jars.

    If Yes, Can we get the list of instances that can be loaded separately into application post Copying the rules schema and before Data Schema upgrade in production.


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August 16, 2019 - 10:02am

Going from 6.x to 8.x is a major jump.  Presumably you will also be going from single to split schema during this upgrade.  There are steps in the deployment guide that talk about how to do this type of upgrade.