Pega server taking too much time for start up (2 hours)


I have installed pega 8.3 personal edition. When i start the server by clicking on the icon pega start it takes approximatre 2 hours. then i am able to see login screen. But when i enter credentials i wont be able to login.

So kindly guide me regarding how to proceed.


Kiran kulkarni

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November 12, 2019 - 10:41am

I've not installed personal edition for about 8 years, so I can't help you with any specifics there.


But as a general point for starting slow nodes, I'd enabled the Global DB trace (to see if the problem is with a slow DB). You should hopefully be able to do this by adding the following to your prconfig.xml file: -


<env name="database/dumpstats" value="true" />

<env name="database/traceEvents" value="preparedStatementUpdate;preparedStatementQuery;preparedStatement" />

<env name="alerts/database/operationTimeThreshold/suppressInserts" value="false" />



This should produce a dbOperations file in the Pega Temp directory under StaticContent/global/ServiceExport

November 12, 2019 - 1:03pm

Observe the start up log entries of the server and see which operation is taking more time to narrow down the issue.