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we configured PegaSearchIndex in multinode system in one node, but it is in Temp folder. whenever we clear temp indexing also removing and reindexing taking more time since there are lot of data and work. we plan to change the PegaSearchIndex folder alone to different FS location. Could you please provide any best approach and what are all changes do we need to do for this change. and if we configure PegaSeachIndex in one node, if node down it will impact the all nodes, so we thought to configure in back up node (second node), is it best practice?


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April 16, 2019 - 12:11am


The system creates the indexes under the directory specified in the indexing/explicitindexdir Dynamic System Setting, as follows:

  • specifiedindexpath/PegaRULESIndex/RuleIndex
  • specifiedindexpath/PegaRULESIndex/DataIndex
  • specifiedindexpath/PegaRULESIndex/WorkIndex

The setting looks like below:

Caution! If you define more than one host node, wait until the index files have been completely built on the first node before configuring additional nodes. Configuring an additional host node causes the index files to be replicated from the first node to the next node and you want to ensure that the files have been completely built on the first node before replicating them.


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